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    We build AI-driven social innovation and economic impact software on the blockchain that generates social equity from launch.

  • About ESL

    We are taking the helm of AI-driven initiatives for pioneering social innovation and impactful ventures. By developing software to boost economic advancement and streamline business support, we can guide projects focused on leveraging AI for social innovation and influence, while also developing software aimed at bolstering enterprise support, facilitating enterprise expansion, and optimizing ecosystem administration.

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  • Mission

    Empowering social innovators to maximize their influence by establishing a robust foundation for their startups to flourish and create substantial positive change.


    Crafting equilibrium through innovation, bolstering, and generating social impact to foster a harmonious and transformative landscape.

  • Service Studios

    We Build, We Design & We Support equitable and innovative startups within the framework below.

    SII Studio

    Social innovation: design, build and support services.

    Impact Studio

    Building software for Economic and Social Impact data-based startups.

    IP Studio

    Protect your social innovation with our IP support solutions.

    S.T.E.A.M. Studio

    Bringing access to holistic education & future careers.
  • In The Works

    With a global team, we make a sustainable impact.

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    Stepping Stones

    Solutions for Business

    Stepping Stones offers a simple and progressive approach to address an ongoing problem that’s affected the business support community globally for many years. Namely, how does an SME find out what’s available from the plethora of offerings on several partner websites? This tool was built by entrepreneurs and former government economic advisors in the UK, USA, and Africa. We are looking for partners to launch our platform in multiple countries on exclusive region licensing deals.

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    Founder Harmony

    Where Passion meets Balance

    According to a study by Michael Freeman, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of San Francisco, an Entrepreneurship Mentor, and a Serial Founder, entrepreneurs are 50% more likely to report having a mental health condition. Founder Harmony is focused on empowering founders with access to self-management tools and resources. We are seeking partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem globally. Accelerators, Incubators, Venture Studios, Startup Labs, Educational Institutions, et al.

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    Green Farmer

    Sustainable Farming

    Coming Soon!

  • Let's Talk

    Ready to Build with Equilibrium? Want to partner with us? Are you a social innovator in the business of doing good? Drop us a line below.